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Why is it so hard to replace a water heater

Why is it so hard to replace a water heater?

November 10, 2019

Is your home water heater showing signs that it’s time to be replaced? After 10 years, many water heaters need to be upgraded.

So what are the signs it is time for a new hot water system? We tend to look at three key points as indicators:


As mentioned before, any system over a decade old tends to start leaking, costing you on your water bill each month. Another key sign with age comes poor performance – the water does not seem to heat as efficiently or effectively as before.

The colour of your water

If your home hot water system is on the way out, your water tends to turn a rusty red colour as a result of the rust inside the heating tank.


The final main sign of a water heater ready for replacement is the old system tends to make rumbly bangs and other uncharacteristic sounds from inside the unit.

Any of those signs should lead you to call a plumber out for a replacement water heater – but which type should you get?

There are a variety of systems on the market, but it all depends on your situation and budget. If you are living on your own, a smaller system that requires less heating may be a better option over the family-sized unit that heats water consistently all day to service four or more people.

Your older hot water heater may also be situated in a hard to reach position in your home, so it really takes a bit of forward planning before committing to your new heating system.

We recommend talking to the experts when it comes to your hot water installations and rain tank installations. Call the team at Shepherd Plumbing on 0434 406 799 today – we are professionals when it comes to hot water systems – both gas and electric – and will happily assist you.

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