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3 Plumbing Problems You Should Never DIY

Plumbing Problems You Should Never DIY

January 10, 2019

Have a leaking tap or rusted pipe you are thinking of fixing yourself? Many of us attempt plumbing DIY jobs around the home, only for it to end up costing us more time and money in the long run.

Here are our top three plumbing problems you should never attempt to do yourself without the expert advice or know-how of a professional plumber.

Number 1 – Fixing your hot water system

Whether you are installing or repairing your home hot water system, it’s a job that’s always better left to the professionals.

All hot water systems are heated by either electricity or gas – two power sources best left to the professionals to handle. Inexperienced installation or maintenance could end up in a seriously damaging situation for yourself and your home.

Gas leaks and electrical wiring can lead to house fires and health problems from gas inhalation – two issues no one wants to mess with. So leave the hot water system to the experts – and call a professional plumber for all the handy work on these babies.

Number 2 – Dishwasher installation

Bought a new dishwasher and think – “I can install it no worries”? Well, it may seem simple but installing your new dishwasher is no job for a novice.

When installing anything with piping and water lines, careful planning and execution need to be upheld to ensure everything will work in perfect order once it’s turned on.

Dishwashers with poor plumbing often have leaking issues and could lead to unexpected and costly damage; so leave it to the experts and get your local plumber to install.

Number 3 – Blocked drains

What may seem like a simple blocked drain can often turn into a nightmare if you attempt to solve it without the help of a plumber.

When drains become blocked, pipes need to be removed, water turned off (sometimes even the neighbour’s water mains need to be turned off) and replacement pipes correctly identified, fitted and repaired.

It’s fair to say that this is not the job of someone attempting plumbing for the first time!

So leave it to the experts and call a plumber out for an inspection – it could end up saving you lots of time further down the line.

Looking for a renovation plumbing team to sort your home DIY job? Call the expert team at Shepherd Plumbing on 0434 406 799 today.

With over 12 years’ experience, we offer friendly, efficient service to all of Macarthur and South West Sydney, including Campbelltown, Liverpool, Tahmoor, and anywhere within a 50km radius of Camden. We are always happy to assist with your plumbing needs.

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