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How to prepare your home for a heatwave

How to prepare your home for a heatwave

April 10, 2019

Living in the hot climate of Australia means we all need to make sure our homes are prepared for the long summers that head our way each year – but running the air conditioning all day is not good for the environment or your budget.

So what are some good ways to prepare your home for a heatwave? Here are our top four tips on beating the heat this summer.

1. Keep your windows covered

Covering the windows that are exposed to direct sunlight is a great way to keep the cool air inside your home. If you are out of the house all day, keep all the windows closed and covered: you will certainly notice the difference when you return home.

Also, avoid opening and closing doors and windows all day – it increases the hot air in your home, warming it up more quickly as the day goes on. Instead, open up the house once the sun goes down for that early evening summer breeze to cool everything off.

2. Check for air leaks

Homes that are well sealed around doors and windows tend to keep the cool air in more efficiently than those that have gaps or are poorly sealed around openings.

So check your windows and doors are gap free and trap that cool air in when the summer temperatures hit.

3. Home insulation

There are a variety of suitable roof insulation options that can assist in keeping your home cooler in the summer months. In fact, homes with no insulation can lose up to 40% of cooling energy compared to those that are insulated.

So get insulating and keep your home cooler when those summer highs hit.

4. Air conditioning

There are a variety of different air conditioning units on the market that can cool your home down, depending on the size of your home and your budget.

From split system units to ducted air conditioning, all achieve the same outcome – cool down the home during a long hot summer. Remember, air conditioning is a great way to get that cool relief in your home, but running the system all day, every day can be expensive.

So, be smart about when you use the air conditioner – don’t cool off a room that’s not being used, and keep doors closed to save running costs of operation in larger spaces.

To find out more information on any of the tips we mentioned on keeping your home cool this summer, call our friendly team at Shepherd Plumbing on 0434 406 799 today.

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