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The importance of having clear downpipes and guttering

Downpipes and guttering are essential to keeping both rainwater and groundwater from seeping into your home or business.

If not maintained properly, your building can become susceptible to damage, while drains can become clogged and damaged too.

Even if it seems like there hasn’t been much rain, rainwater can build up and cause structural damage if not correctly diverted.

Without gutters, rain can flow straight off the roof and cause soil erosion. Soil erosion can, in turn, cause the foundation of your home to settle, leaving you with uneven floors and cracked walls.

If you don’t already have gutters in place, here are a few things to consider before making a decision.

House Grading

If your home or business is on level or downward sloping land, you may not need additional guttering. If your yard does not naturally drain water, you may need downpipes and guttering installed to keep water from seeping into your basement.

Rainwater Collection

To collect rainwater, you will need to have downpipes and guttering installed. Harvesting rainwater can prove to be extremely helpful in dry months.

Average Precipitation

If your area tends to get a lot of rain, have guttering installed is important. In areas that have a lot of rain, especially freezing temperatures, it is mandatory to stay on top of keeping gutters and downpipes clean.

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Watch out for these guttering warning signs

Many homes are built with guttering.

If you find your guttering doesn’t seem to be draining properly, try finding the source of the problem.

Here are some issues to look out for when you have leaky guttering.


Cracks can form anywhere in the guttering, but most often are found near the joints. Small cracks can be repaired with sealant, but larger cracks may require additional work or professional help.


Between normal wear and tear and storms, guttering can start to sag in places causing water to run over the edge and pool onto the ground where it can seep into the foundation. Gutters also start to sag when they haven’t been properly cleaned and the debris begins to weigh it down. Tightening the screws or adding more hangers to support the guttering can help prevent sagging.


Just like your sink or shower can become clogged, so can your downpipes and guttering. This is especially common homes or buildings surrounded by large trees. In areas with freezing temperatures, the leaves and debris can become frozen, forming a dam that prevents water from flowing through. Easily fix clogs by manually scooping out debris while wearing gloves. For the downpipe, use a water hose and disassemble if needed.


After years of use, it is not uncommon for small holes to form. These can easily be sealed, but larger holes may be cause for the whole gutter to be replaced. Roofing cement or caulk (found at your local hardware store) can be used for the smaller holes.

Loose Fasteners

Loose fasteners can easily be fixed by tightening or replacing the fasteners yourself, or calling a professional to help.

Mold or Mildew

If your basement seems to be developing mildew, it could be caused by leaking gutters. Also, check any nearby wooden surfaces on your house to make sure they aren’t rotting.

Improper grading

If you suspect that water isn’t draining properly due to the angle of your guttering, it is best to call a professional to help sort it out as the process could involve rehanging entire sections of guttering.

If you notice any of these issues with your downpipes or guttering, you should work quickly to have them fixed to prevent any further damage.

How to maintain your gutters

Gutters are an important part of maintaining the structural integrity of your home or business, so they must be properly maintained. Take a look at these tips to maintain your gutters:

  • Have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year, more if your home has trees.
  • Keep trees properly trimmed back.
  • Regularly inspect for leaks, holes, and loose joints or fasteners.
  • Invest in a gutter guard to prevent additional debris from entering. This will make future maintenance and cleaning much easier.

Many people go the DIY route for guttering repairs, maintenance, and even downpipe installation.

Although it can be done, it is easier and safer to hire a professional. Risking water seeping into your basement and foundation can be costly in the long run.

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I couldn’t believe how much dirt and debris was pulled out of my downpipes and guttering! I will definitely be calling Shepherd Plumbing for my guttering maintenance and repairs from now on
Marie Jessop
Shepherd Plumbing was so helpful! I couldn’t find out why my gutter wasn’t draining properly, but they found the source of my issue and fixed it quickly and easily. So happy with the fast service!
Julie McHale
I didn’t think having my gutters replaced was going to be so quick and easy. I’ll definitely be recommending Shepherd Plumbing to all my friends and family.
James Locke
I’m so thankful to Shepherd Plumbing! I can’t climb up and down a ladder to keep my guttering properly maintained, so they did it for me. Amazing customer service and so polite!
Maureen Howard


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, but it is recommended to call a professional if you are not comfortable with a ladder or don’t have anyone to help.

  • Any time you notice your gutter leaking, you should have it fixed soon. Small leaks can quickly turn into big problems, especially if it starts to cause the wood around it to rot.

  • This depends on various factors such as foundation slope or if your roof has an overhang. During your obligation-free quote, our trained experts will tell you which parts of your home may need guttering installation.

  • Of course! We’re open 7 days a week for your convenience.