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Do you need a licensed plumber to fix a water leak?

March 10, 2019

Do you have a water leak at home and are unsure if you should call a plumber out to take a look? Do you tackle the problem alone, or – even worse – ignore it?

Well, a water leak can be a simple fix, but it also can be a vital clue to a more major problem – a water issue that can cause some serious structural damage to your home.

Water damage starts as spots of water on the walls or ceiling, a leaking shower head or even a discoloured or “wonky” floorboard; with many of us brushing it off as something minor. Little do we know what may be happening behind or underneath us.

For example, what may start as a water leak in the shower can actually indicate complications behind the wall in terms of damage to the pipes and drainage systems.

If not treated, a small water leak can end up resulting in the following damage to your home:

• Burst pipes
• Rotting of drywalls
• Rusted fixtures
• Decreased water pressure
• Decomposing and distorted floorboards
• Mould and mildew

Also, just remember – if the damage from a water leak is not done to your home, it is done to your bank balance every time the water bill comes!

So to answer the question, “should you call a plumber out for a water leak?” – we highly recommend doing so, so you can ensure that there is nothing else going on behind the scenes, apart from the leak itself.

A professional plumber will check out the water leak and be able to diagnose any serious plumbing issues that may have arisen, giving you peace of mind.

Want more expert advice on your water leak and kitchen work? Call the experts at Shepherd Plumbing on 0434 406 799 today and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist.

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