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Why do drains get blocked?

Many people never see the full drainage system in their homes and don’t have a full understanding of the intricate system that’s going on just behind the scenes.

Just like you want the veins and arteries in your body to be free of blockages, you want your pipes and plumbing to be the same way.

Think about all of the appliances in your home that use a drainage system:

  • Sinks (kitchen and bathrooms)
  • Showers
  • Baths
  • Dishwasher
  • Garden
  • Laundry Tub
  • And more

Don’t forget to take into account that many of these systems are working at the same time – it’s no surprise drains get blocked!

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Here are some of the most common causes of blocked drains

– Wet Wipes

75% of all blockages are caused by wet wipes, according to Sydney Water. The popularity of flushable wet wipes that are used daily for babies, kitchens, and as a makeup remover has caused thousands of dollars worth of damages for homes and businesses.

– Hair

It may not seem like much each time you take a shower, but these blockages can quickly grow and cause issues for your entire drainage system.

– Food

All food and grease should be disposed of in the rubbish bin. Because grease is liquid many people think it is okay to pour it down the kitchen sink, but as the grease cools, it hardens along the walls of the pipes and builds until no other liquid can pass through.

– Trees and Leaves

Build-up from leaves and other debris can flow into drains during the Autumn months especially. Trees with large roots can also disrupt the pipes and cause blockages. CCTV cameras and pipe locating can be used to identify these problems before having to dig everything up.

– Foreign Objects

Just like downpipes can be blocked by debris, drains can also become clogged. And, of course, in the long list of things that can cause a blocked drain, foreign objects (usually children’s toys) have to be taken into account.

Many people, when faced with a blocked drain, often go the DIY route and try to clear the blockage themselves or replace the pipes.

This may seem like a cheaper solution at first, but if done improperly, it can cause massive damage. Pipes must have a carefully calculated slope. Too steep and the water will rush by too quickly to wash away the sewage, leaving your drain prone to clogging. If it’s not steep enough, your drain will again be prone to clogging.

Don’t risk damaging your home and ending up with a big bill to pay, call our experts and let us take care of your blocked drains instead!

Signs you have a clogged pipe

✗ Slow draining

If you notice your shower, bathtub, or sink are slow to drain water out, it’s possible the drain is clogged. Bathtubs should have the “whirlpool” look as it’s draining. If you see signs of it slowing, you may have a clog. Many times you can see the hair left in the drain and it can be an easy fix to pull it out.

✗ Strange noises

If your pipes are making gurgling noises that sound a little like a monster living in your drainage system, it’s most likely from water hitting pockets of waste and debris that needs to be cleared out.

✗ Bad smell

These smells can be caused by an accumulation all the things that have been washed down the sink or flushed down the toilet. As soon as you start to smell something, have your pipes checked before it gets worse. It can be a very unpleasant and embarrassing problem – especially if you have guests!

✗ Strange behaviour

It may sound weird to look for strange behavior in your toilets and sinks, but if it suddenly gurgles, bubbles, or drains, unexpectedly there could be signs of a larger issue elsewhere in the drainage system. Also look for toilets with water that rises too much or doesn’t completely refill after flushing.

There are many small signs to look out for when trying to detect a blocked drain, but when in doubt call us for your free quote.

How to clear a blocked drain

When it comes to blocked drains, the best practice is prevention.

Throw wet wipes in the bin – even the ones with packaging that says “flushable”.

Grease should be stored in a container in the refrigerator until solid, then thrown into the rubbish bin as well.

Hair traps over the shower and bathtub drains can save hundreds of dollars in repairs and headache.

Even if you take all the precautions, blockages can still happen. If you find you have blocked drains, it’s always best to call a professional.

Risking making even a small mistake while plumbing can turn into an extremely expensive nightmare, very quickly.

Here are a few, low-risk ways to try to get rid of a blockage yourself

  • Hot Water: Sometimes hot water can be enough to loosen or dissolve the buildup in your pipes. If you have PVC pipes, take care not to use boiling water as it could cause damage to your pipes.
  • Plunger: Much like with the toilet, a plunger can also be used on your sink. This method is for small foreign objects or other solid blockages.
  • Natural Cleaner: A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can be used to clear the pipes. The mixture can often dissolve grease buildup.
  • Drain Snake: These can be found at your local hardware store. They’re simple to use, but take care not to damage the pipes.
  • Hydro-Jet: Using high water pressure, a Hydro-Jet can clear a drain blocked by dirt, gravel, and other debris.
  • Caustic Soda: Also known as Sodium Hydroxide, caustic soda is a dangerous chemical that can cause burns. It should be used extremely sparingly, if at all. It’s bad for the environment and does not clear all types of blockages.

If you’re unsure of what is causing your blocked drain, a drain camera inspection can be arranged. During this inspection, the plumber can see what is causing the blockages and how badly the pipes are blocked.

This is especially handy for when the suspected clog is from tree roots. With this technology, you’ll be able to act quickly to clear the clog and save money.

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One of the many other advantages to hiring a licensed plumber is knowing that they are properly insured and care about the quality of their work. We pride ourselves in the training we have done and it shows through every job that we complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you do a camera inspection?

  • Of course! We do commercial, industrial, and residential.

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