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Baths or Showers: which is better?

August 10, 2019

Would you rather have a soak in a bubbly bathtub or take a long, hot shower? There are arguments for both, depending on the day you’ve had, but which do we think is best?

The bath

After a stressful day, the thought of taking a long soak in a hot bath is the idea of heaven. Whether you are trying to unwind or relax, taking a bath gives us the feeling of peace and comfort, two things we all love.

Taking a warm bath is not only good for the soul, but our health as well. Not only does it relieve muscle aches, pains, tension and tightness, but it is said that a hot bath also reduces blood pressure and anxiety levels in our body.

Now we have seen the benefits of the bath, let’s take a look at the perks of the shower.

To get that “clean feeling”, nothing beats having a hot shower; it really does feel like it washes the germs away. Installing a high-pressure shower head for that serious clean and hair wash, or a rainfall shower head for those relaxing showers after a long day at the office – a shower gives the feeling of cleanliness and luxury all in one.

Another key factor of showering is it is a water saver. A standard showerhead uses around two gallons of water per minute – so for a 10-minute shower, that equates to about 20 gallons of water used.

A full bathtub requires about 70 gallons of water – so even if it was half filled, that’s still 15 gallons more than a 10-minute shower.

So, which is better? We say both. Having a bath and shower in the home bathroom is often a key feature of all modern day renovations, giving all the family their choice to decide what they feel like taking that night – a bath or a shower.

Looking at renovating your bathroom and want advice on different shower and bath options? The team at Shepherd Plumbing has been servicing the people of South West Sydney and beyond for over 10 years, so give them a call today on 0434 406 799.

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Baths or Showers: which is better?

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